Spawn - by horror novelist, Shaun Hutson

Caffeine Nights

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A Terrifying Descent into Darkness

After accidentally incinerating his baby brother years ago, Harold's life becomes a nightmarish journey through psychiatric hospitals. Upon release, he takes a job as a hospital porter, entwining him with the grotesque task of burning aborted foetuses’. The haunting memories of his brother intensify.

In the quiet town, fear escalates with the prison escape of psychopath Paul Harvey. Soon after his release, a gruesome series of murders ensue, foretelling an impending catastrophe. As Pierce and Harvey, each concealing harrowing secrets, join forces, the town braces for a horror unparalleled.

Hutson's masterful storytelling unveils a relentless descent into the depths of psychological terror, where past sins and disturbed minds collide. "Spawn" promises a gripping narrative that will leave readers on the edge of their seats, trembling with anticipation for the unimaginable horrors awaiting within.

Spawn by Horror Novelist, Shaun Hutson