Incisions - Cut One by Horror Novelist Shaun Hutson Paperback

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Part one of two.

Incisions - Cut One

“…She glanced out over the churning waves, thinking how dark and forbidding the sea looked tonight.  She could hear it lashing against the pier and, more than once, she fancied she felt the structure beneath her move slightly.  She reached down slowly and unzipped the holdall.  Inside there were towels and pieces of rag.  Inside those was a baby. No older than six weeks, the child was crying softly, and it continued to do so even when Polly picked it up and held it before her.  She swallowed hard and held the child higher, advancing again towards the wooden rail that surrounded the walkways of the pier.  The only thing that separated her from the sea.  She held the child over the rail for a second, its cries lost beneath the raging sound of the waves.

          Polly dropped the baby…..”

There is something here for everyone.  Monsters in train tunnels.  Savage attack dogs loose in a luxury building.  Wishes made that can cripple and kill.  Children kidnapped to appease a monstrous entity from the sea.  A psychotic Virtual Assistant that turns a house into a chamber of horrors.  The terrifying aftermath of a robbery.  A horrifying ‘game’ designed to welcome new residents to a village.  A reminder that you should never, ever pick up hitchhikers.

These are just some of the stories you’ll find in this collection.  All kinds of tales to send shivers down your spine.

          Stories to shock you.  Stories to grip you.  Stories with a twist in the tail.

          Stories to be read with the lights on and the curtains drawn.

          Go on…we dare you…

Horror novelist, Shaun Hutson