Harder Than The Rest - Garry Bushell with Craig Brackenridge

Caffeine Nights

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What If The Krays Had Played Guitars?

When an undercover cop meets a brutal end at the hands of ruthless criminals, only a fool or a hero would dare to infiltrate their deadly gang once more. Meet Harry Tyler, a fast-talking detective who's certainly no fool.

As Harry delves into the treacherous underworld, he discovers his adversaries are the Bishop brothers—East End villains with a sinister twist. Using their hard rock band, Iron Hammer, as a front, they engage in robbery, drug-running, and more. The stakes heighten as the prospect of stardom looms, accompanied by a rising body count and mysterious ties to violent political activists.

In this gripping tale, Garry Bushell weaves a narrative where the clash between crime and music takes centre stage. Harry Tyler faces his smartest and deadliest opponents, navigating a world where deception, danger, and rock 'n' roll converge. With the clock ticking, the relentless pursuit of justice becomes a high-stakes game for Harry, where survival means confronting the lethal harmony of crime and music.

Harder than the Rest, Garry bushell