Heathen - Classic Horror by Horror Novelist Shaun Hutson

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Donna Ward's world crumbles when her bestselling author husband, Chris, dies in a car crash alongside another woman.

Shocked by revelations of his secret life, Donna refuses to accept the police's claim that the crash was no accident. Questions gnaw at her: How could Chris have enemies, and for how long had he maintained a mistress? The discovery of mysterious men in photographs deepens the mystery, forcing Donna to confront her husband's hidden life.

As Donna seeks answers, danger looms closer. Stalked by those with a deadly past, she uncovers a sinister group – the Sons of Midnight. The journey to unveil Chris's secrets becomes a perilous descent into darkness, as Donna faces the chilling reality that she knew little about her husband. Shaun Hutson's classic horror novel, "Heathen," weaves a tale of betrayal, mystery, and the terrifying forces lurking beneath the surface of seemingly ordinary lives.

Read the classic horror story from the classic horror novelist, Shaun Hutson.

Heathen by horror noverlist, Shaun Hutson