DEADHEAD - by Horror Novelist, Shaun Hutson

Caffeine Nights Books

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For Nick Ryan, private detective, life is all work and no play; his family has left him, and he's been given six months to live.

When his daughter is kidnapped by a gang responsible for a series of murders, he begins an obsessive hunt for her and will not stop. Time is running out for both of them.

A sickening series of murders in London have left five homeless kids mutilated, and the capital is in shock.

Nick Ryan, private detective, has seen the reports, but it’s not his problem. No one’s paying him to find the killers. He doesn’t care. In fact, since his wife and daughter left him, he hasn’t cared about a lot, least of all himself.

Suddenly there’s another victim. She’s not homeless - and so far she’s not dead. But when Ryan sees the videotape of his own daughter and her masked, male captors, he begins a desperate, obsessive hunt for her and he will not stop. He can’t. Time is running out for both of them ...

 ‘Shaun Hutson is a true voice of horror’.


‘The man who writes what others are afraid even to imagine’.


‘As a creator of unpretentious balls-out shockers, he’s unbeatable’.


Shaun Hutson, horror novelist