Scream, You Die - Tense thriller by Michael Fowler

Caffeine Nights Books

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Detective Sergeant Scarlett Macey's troubles started in 2002, when her mother and father were murdered on their wedding anniversary, and her younger sister, Rose, fled the scene. Since then she's spent half her time chasing away her personal inner demons and the other half chasing villains. She has always been determined to find out if her sister was responsible for killing their parents, and whilst she searched for her, she also had her job to do in The Homicide and Serious Crime Unit of The Metropolitan Police. Her latest case follows the discovery of a headless, handless corpse dumped in the river Thames. As the investigation unfolds, a truly brutal and shocking discovery of human tragedy is unearthed. Determined to bring the cruel killer to justice Scarlett stumbles across a bizarre twist during her hunt - a twist that, chillingly, opens the door to her troubled past. As she gets closer to discovering the truth the investigation takes a violent, sinister turn, plunging her, and those close to her, into extreme danger.