Joe Pasquale: From Laughter to Chills

Joe Pasquale: From Laughter to Chills

Joe Pasquale, the renowned UK celebrity comedian, and actor, has taken an unexpected turn into the realm of horror literature, showcasing his versatility as an artist. His love for the macabre is evident in his two horror short story collections, "Deadknobs and Doomsticks" volumes one and two.

 Embracing the Dark Side

Pasquale's venture into horror literature is a testament to his multifaceted talent. His affinity for the spooky and surreal has captivated audiences, showing a side of him that goes beyond the laughter-inducing performances on stage.

  The Horror Anthologies

"Deadknobs and Doomsticks" volumes one and two are not just ordinary horror collections; they bear the distinct mark of Pasquale's creativity. The stories within these volumes delve into the bizarre and surreal, showcasing a unique blend of horror and humour that only Pasquale can deliver.

 A Visual Feast

Adding another layer to his horror tales, Joe Pasquale goes beyond the written word. He provides colour illustrations that accompany his stories, creating a visual experience that enhances the overall impact of the narratives. This fusion of storytelling and visual artistry adds a personal touch to the collections.

Joe Pasquale's foray into horror literature with "Deadknobs and Doomsticks" volumes one and two is a testament to his artistic versatility. From the stage to the written page, Pasquale continues to surprise and entertain audiences with his unique blend of humour and horror.

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