Breeding Ground - A horror classic by Horror Novelist, Shaun Hutson

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Deep in the dirty sewers of London there is a Breeding Ground...

The slugs have come hack... slowly... silently... they slither along dank, fetid tunnels into the city in search of human flesh. Their insatiable need knows no bounds.

But now they bring a new horror - a plague which spreads insanity and death, transforming its victims into grotesque, crazed killers.

Caught in this maelstrom of horror is Dr. Alan Finch - the only man capable of destroying the Breeding Ground forever.

Deep in the dirty sewers of London lies a Breeding Ground, where slugs have returned, creeping silently through dank, fetid tunnels into the city, driven by an insatiable hunger for human flesh. The nightmare deepens as they unleash a new terror – a plague that engulfs the populace, turning them into grotesque, crazed killers. Amidst this chaos stands Dr. Alan Finch, a beacon of hope and the only man with the knowledge to obliterate the Breeding Ground and its unspeakable horrors.

In a race against time, Dr. Finch battles the slithering menace and the harrowing consequences of the plague. Will he succeed in halting the twisted transformation of the afflicted, or will the Breeding Ground's malevolence consume all? The fate of London hangs in the balance, and Dr. Alan Finch is its last hope.

Breeding Ground by Horror Novelist, Shaun Hutson