Hometown by Luke Walker

Caffeine Nights

£4.99 £8.99

Stu Brennan and his friends are trapped in surroundings horribly familiar and completely alien.

Their hometown has become a city of human and inhuman monsters since the suicide of their friend Geri turned her nightmares into flesh. Now Stu and the others must fight their way past cannibals and faceless torturers if they are to have any chance of uncovering the truth behind 

Geri’s death and escaping her private hell. 

But while they battle to survive in the endless night, Stu’s wife is desperately searching for him, all the while unaware of the unspeakable horror drawing closer with every moment – a horror eager to turn her last moments into agony. If it finds her, there’ll be no way back for Geri’s old friends and nobody to stop 

the same depraved evil that destroyed Geri from moving on to its next target. 

Stu’s baby daughter.