Assassin - by Horror Novelist, Shaun Hutson

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Assassin by Horror Novelist, Shaun Hutson

London is gripped by the bloodiest outbreak of gang warfare ever seen. Shootings in the street, kidnappings, bombs and car chases have become commonplace. The gutters are running red with blood and the Police are powerless to stop it. Frank Harrison had ruled gangland unopposed for more than two years and yet someone is out to wipe him and his men from the face of the earth. Who and why? The answer, when it comes, will test not just Harrison's courage but his sanity too. For him, there is only one way to fight back against an enemy he can barely believe he faces. So, into this world of violence, corruption, madness and death comes the Assassin. A force more powerful than vengeance, more lethal than a lorry full of high velocity weapons and more terrifying than any nightmare...

"Britain's greatest living horror author." -Dark Side

"An expert in the art of keeping the reader turning the pages." -Time Out

"Hutson writes grippingly." - SFX Magazine

"The one that writes what others only dare imagine." SUNDAY TIMES

Assassin by Horror Novelist, Shaun Hutson