The Allure of Serial Novels and the Steampunk Series, "The Periwinkle Perspective" by Paul Eccentric

The Allure of Serial Novels and the Steampunk Series, "The Periwinkle Perspective" by Paul Eccentric

Serial novels have a unique charm that keeps readers coming back for more. The anticipation of the next installment, the continuation of beloved characters' stories, and the unfolding plot twists make serial novels an addictive reading experience. One such series that captivates readers with its steampunk setting and thrilling adventures is "The Periwinkle Perspective" by Paul Eccentric.

Let's catch up on the story so far in this exhilarating series. Book One: "The Giant Step" introduces us to the year 1897, during the Queen's Diamond Jubilee. Captain Gordon Periwinkle, a gentleman adventurer, is sent on a mission to conquer the Moon, only to discover that he has been deceived and is in a quarry in Wales. A relentless assassin, Iggi Shikiwana, is after him. Gordon's brother Gerald is killed, and with the help of his sherpa companion Tiny, he embarks on a chase across London. Unexpectedly, Gordon is lifted by a German zeppelin, leading to a complex web of encounters with various factions trying to control him. Eventually, he is captured by the Americans, who plan to film his arrival on the Moon, only to find out that the Americans had already reached there. Along the way, Gordon meets Professor Hamble Blaise, the creator of the British rocket, and together, they devise a plan to save his reputation and Queen Victoria's. In the end, Gordon and his party return to Earth, hailed as heroes, and are presented to Queen Victoria and a mysterious figure known as "The Secretary." As the first book concludes, we are introduced to Alyce Troll, a Martian linguist on the Moon, who witnesses Hamble's rocket heading towards their hidden observation base.

Book Two: "Those Among Us" picks up the story with Gordon and his sherpa companion, Tiny, enjoying their newfound fame. Meanwhile, Professor Hamble Blaise, now recognized as the rocket inventor, becomes an inadvertent catalyst for the women's movement. She rescues her long-incarcerated mother, Methusela, and uncovers Abdul, her assistant, as an undercover Crown Agent. Gordon and Hamble receive news that Gordon's brothers have been discovered on the Moon by Martians who have been observing Earth. Virgil, one of Gordon's brothers, has gone mad and killed most of the Martians on the base. A mission to bring him back ensues, but Hamble's mother, Methusela, is kidnapped, leading Hamble to embark on a rescue mission of her own. Gordon's journey to the Moon reveals surprising alliances and the revelation of The Secretary's true identity. He encounters Alyce, a Martian linguist, and they return to Earth together. The story takes unexpected turns as Gordon's brothers perform a unique operation on Queen Victoria, and the group reunites with Hamble and meets Von Greckle, a Martian with a hidden agenda. With London announcing contact with Mars, the group learns about the rewriting of history and the need to rectify the timeline. They are entrusted with a mission to travel to Mars and contact Professor Naraminda Boff. As the second book concludes, Gordon's father, Lord Periwinkle, becomes Prime Minister, coinciding with the arrival of a Martian delegation.

Book Three: "The Story Untold" catapults readers into 1898, where first contact with Mars has been made. Gordon, Hamble, and Alyce journey to Mars in search of Professor Boff. Meanwhile, Iggi, Tiny, and Methusela find themselves in Germany, joining the Anti Alien League. The Secretary's dreams of returning to Mars are dashed when Martian command orders him to stay on Earth and start the colonization of "New Mars." As war ravages between Great Britain, Germany, and America, the secret bunker in Corsham becomes a refuge for royalty and members of parliament. Meanwhile, three years back in time after the use of the Rewind Machine, Gordon and Hamble lose their memories and must navigate the challenges of 1895. Hamble confronts her past, while Gordon finds himself in Bedlam, receiving flashbacks and fainting spells. With their memories slowly returning, Gordon, Hamble, Methusela, and Tuppence escape Bedlam and prepare a rocket for a daring mission. Revelations about family connections, the true identity of Lord Periwinkle, and the involvement of Martian forces create a web of intrigue. The story reaches its climax as they arrive at the Moonbase, encounter The Grekkle, and confront The Secretary.

"The Periwinkle Perspective" series weaves together steampunk elements, intricate plotlines, and multidimensional characters to create an enthralling reading experience. Each book builds upon the last, immersing readers in a world of adventure, mystery, and unexpected twists. As the series progresses, alliances shift, history is rewritten, and the fate of both Earth and Mars hangs in the balance.

With the release of each new installment, readers eagerly await the next chapter of "The Periwinkle Perspective" series, drawn in by Paul Eccentric's ability to craft a compelling narrative and transport them to a richly imagined steampunk universe. If you're a fan of serial novels, steampunk settings, and thrilling escapades, "The Periwinkle Perspective" is a series worth delving into. Prepare to be captivated by its allure and carried away on an unforgettable adventure through time, space, and the depths of human imagination. 

Volume four and the future awaits...

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