The Periwinkle Perspective - Volume Five - The Brotherhood of Man by Paul Eccentric

Caffeine Nights Books

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London, 1900, and the twentieth century beckons. It is a time of change, but change is not for everyone...

The world is evolving at an unanticipated rate, both socially and technologically, due; largely, to the exploits of our heroes Space Captain Gordon Periwinkle and Professor Hamble Blaise. However, in light of Gordon's perceived faux pas: allowing his half-sister to step past him and claim the Moon for humanity rather than mankind, old prejudices have begun to re-surface. In truth, these naysayers have been working behind the scenes for years to ensure a future based upon the ingrained inequalities of the past. Perhaps it is time for The Brotherhood of Man to step out of the shadows and take back the Empire, and for us to see how their actions in the past have imbued them with the power that they have today...

'The Brotherhood of Man' is a collection of short, interconnected tales, contained within this single, spellbinding, steampunk volume!

  *Discover the truth behind Queen Victoria's secret substitution!

  *Hear how the Martian 'Cell' was able to infiltrate Georgian society and thus influence the future!

  *Learn the secrets of Count Von Greckle's mysterious alien origins!

  *Witness the fallout from the introduction of the first teabag!!

                                                       ADVENTURE FORTH!