The Periwinkle Perspective - Volume Three - The Story Untold by Paul Eccentric

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England 1898, and things are not as they should be…..

Following the murder of Kaiser Wilhelm II, diplomatic relations between Germany and Great Britain have broken down. War is looming, but there is more!

‘Martians walk the streets of London!’

However, far from an invasion force, it is a perfectly benign and legal immigration: hospitality having been extended by the Queen herself, in exchange for access to technologies and medicines currently beyond the scope of modern science. Whilst most of the indigenous population are welcoming of their alien visitors, there are those who consider their arrival a threat. Resentment is growing in certain quarters; stoked by a
cash-strapped and already overly committed Reichstag, for the Martians are pacifists and refuse to take up arms, even for the Empire that has given them sanctuary.

Meanwhile; unbeknownst to all but a select few, Humans have arrived on Mars! Having appropriated a Martian rocket (inadvertently killing the German leader in the process), Space Captain Gordon Periwinkle and Professor Hamble Blaise have travelled to the red planet in search of a fabled Martian scientist, who; if she exists at all, may (or may not) hold the secret to unravelling time and setting both worlds back on their proper courses…

For All We Know - Paul Eccentric