Smile of the Viper - Harry Dunn

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Smile of the Viper by Harry Dunn - A Gripping Thriller

London's relentless private investigator, Jack Barclay, is thrust into a perilous chase after financier Tom Stanton vanishes with £1 million, leaving a shattered family in his wake. Stanton's illicit affair with Parisian Danielle entangles him in a drug smuggling cartel, compelling him into money laundering. As £4 million of drug money disappears, Stanton becomes the prime suspect, prompting him and Danielle to flee.

The stakes escalate with the abduction of Stanton's daughter, propelling Jack into a desperate race against the criminal underworld. In his pursuit, Jack unveils a harrowing realm of torture, treachery, and murder, risking his own life to expose the truth. With each step, he realizes the unforgiving grip of the Russian mafia's netherworld, where survival is a fragile hope.

A fast-paced international thriller, "Smile of the Viper" by Harry Dunn explores the dark alleys of crime, weaving a gripping narrative of suspense, danger, and the indomitable spirit of a relentless investigator.

Smile of the Viper - Harry Dunn