Lucy's Child by Horror Novelist, Shaun Hutson

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"The one that writes what others only dare imagine." - SUNDAY TIMES

The tense atmosphere Beth’s sister causes when she comes to stay is strained further by Lucy’s references to Beth’s inability to conceive. When Lucy has a fatal accident, she leaves the legacy of her child, providing Beth’s only chance of motherhood. But forces are bent on Beth remaining childless. 

"Britain's greatest living horror author." - Dark Side 

"An expert in the art of keeping the reader turning the pages."Time Out 

"Hutson writes grippingly."SFX Magazine 

"The one that writes what others only dare imagine." - SUNDAY TIMES


Lucy's Child, penned by horror legend Shaun Hutson, unfolds as a psychological horror story that delves into the realms of the unimaginable. The narrative centres around Beth, grappling with her sister Lucy's untimely demise during her fourth month of pregnancy. The tension escalates as Lucy's references to Beth's infertility strain their relationship, setting the stage for a chilling atmosphere. In a tragic turn of events, Lucy's fatal accident bequeaths her unborn child to Beth, offering a glimmer of hope for motherhood amidst the shadows.

Hutson masterfully crafts a tale where forces conspire to thwart Beth's pursuit of motherhood, creating a gripping and suspenseful narrative. The accolades bestowed upon Hutson, such as being hailed as "Britain's greatest living horror author" by Dark Side, are a testament to his unparalleled ability to captivate readers. Lucy's Child promises a riveting journey into horror, where the line between reality and the supernatural blurs, leaving readers on the edge of their seats.

Lucy's Child by horror novelist, Shaun Hutson