Forever Evil - Harry Dunn

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Forever Evil by Harry Dunn - Crime Fiction

London's shadows conceal more than secrets in Harry Dunn's gripping crime novel, "Forever Evil." Private Investigator Jack Barclay, navigating the city's clandestine alleys, is thrust into a perilous quest by Phillip Jordan. His mission: find Alex, Jordan's recently released son ensnared in the dark web of Jaymar—an international syndicate of ruthless hitmen.

As Jack delves deeper into the abyss of vengeance, murder, and an unexpected twist involving erotic photography, the line between justice and malevolence blurs. Jordan's urgency amplifies, pressuring Jack to hasten the search. In a brutal turn of events, Jaymar retaliates by targeting Jack's girlfriend, intensifying the danger.

With each step through the murky underbelly of London, Jack unravels a web of deceit and desperation. As the mob tightens its grip, the haunting realization sets in—Jack is not just hunting Alex, but wrestling with forces that threaten to bring violence to his own doorstep.

"Forever Evil" is a rollercoaster of suspense, weaving an intricate tale of crime, retribution, and the indomitable spirit of a detective navigating the treacherous labyrinth of London's criminal underworld.

Forever Evil - Harry Dunn