Face Down - Garry Bushell

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Face Down is the third instalment of the Harry Tyler pulp fiction trilogy.

Book one, The Face, introduces undercover cop Harry Tyler and tells how he brought down the vicious South London crime family, the Bakers. The novel was a controversial success when it was published, selling out three editions and making front-page news. The follow-up, Two-Faced saw detective-turned-renegade Harry escape a lonely death in Ireland after being set up by MI5. Face Down catches up with Harry in 2012. The fast-talking character is surviving on his wits in the North West of England until fate conspires to reunite him with villain John Baker, known as Johnny Too, released from jail early as bait for a serial killer.

When an angry vigilante takes the law into his own hands the Kent police are stumped. But could the brutal serial killer be taking his cues from an outspoken right-wing newspaper columnist? Jailed South London crime lord Johnny Too agrees to be the bait to lure him into the open and end his reign of murder and terror. There’s just one problem – he wants retired undercover detective Harry Tyler, the man who put him away, to be part of the plot. And Harry’s dead. Isn’t he?

Face Down by Garry Bushell