Vendetta - By Nick Oldham - Based on the hit Danny Dyer movie, Vendetta. 

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Revenge is sweet but Vengeance is sweeter

Based on the hit Danny Dyer movie, Vendetta. 

George never meant to kill the thief – he was just defending his shop from the jacked up kids trying to rob him. Break the kid’s jaw maybe, but not kill him. Later the doorbell rings and in revenge the gang swarm into George’s house, beat him senseless, rape his wife, tie them up and set fire to them.

It isn’t long before Jimmy Vickers, George’s son, is on the trail of the gang who murdered his parents, exacting his own kind of chillingly brutal justice. Jimmy is an interrogation specialist for the military in Afghanistan who knows more than he should. With the police closing in and his own regiment also determined to stop him, the body count mounts up. Jimmy creates a media frenzy - London’s first vigilante of the 21st Century - but will his devastating course of action spell the end for the woman he loves?

Vendetta by Nick Oldham