Parasite Crop - Horror by British Horror Author, Mark Cassell

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Parasite Crop: Unraveling Horror in the Wilderness

Mark Cassell's "Parasite Crop" ventures into the realm of horror, captivating readers with a narrative that unfolds in the desolate wilderness of Dungeness, Kent. The novel introduces twelve-year-old Sydney, haunted by the ghostly echoes of a shipwreck that claimed his life over a century and a half ago. His lingering taste of saltwater sets the tone for a chilling exploration of the unknown.

As Cane and Jo embark on a family reunion and house hunt in Dungeness, they unravel more than just two generations of family secrets. The shingle beach hides a local horror waiting to be unearthed. The novel, reviewed as reminiscent of the best 1970s and 80s paperbacks from Hell, begins with a palpable sense of isolation that goes beyond the physical.

Sydney's past intertwines with the couple's present, challenging conventional notions of happily ever after. The elusive "crop" introduces a sinister twist to the meaning of survival. Cassell masterfully crafts a tale that goes beyond the ordinary, creating an atmospheric horror experience in the heart of Kent's wilderness.

Parasite Crop by Mark Cassell