Testament by horror legend Shaun Hutson

Caffeine Nights

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The hardback novel from British horror writing legend, Shaun Hutson.


Sean Doyle faced danger, death and other things he'd rather forget during his time in the Counter Terrorist Unit.  But times change, even if Doyle doesn't.  He's older but no wiser and the world he knew has changed.

Now he finds himself working as a Private Security Consultant in Baghdad, still a city in turmoil.  His job is to protect the men working on a new rail line from terrorist attacks.  For Doyle, it seems like old times but this time it's a different kind of enemy.  However, someone from his past arrives to offer him the kind of work he was made for.  Doyle is given the chance to re-join the Counter Terrorist Unit.

The reason is that a case he worked on thirty years earlier has been re-opened.  A man he thought was dead has been spotted in the company of the Russian Mafia.  But how can this be?  Doyle knows that he himself killed this man one fateful night in Ireland back in the eighties.  The lure of his old life is too much but when he returns he discovers there are some catches.

After physical and psychological tests, he will have to work with a partner.  A man half his age who seems to embody everything Doyle despises.

Between them, these two will have to hunt down the man who Doyle thought was dead.  A man with limitless wealth, twisted desires and the mind of a monster.  The man responsible for the death of the only woman Doyle ever loved.  It's meant to be a mission but, for Doyle, it's what he does best.  It's revenge.

However, when the time comes, he will find answers that threaten not only his life but his sanity.  His old, blood spattered world will come hurtling back to engulf him and a decision must be made that defies reason.

Sean Doyle is back but might wish he wasn't....